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Noriko Shakti Biography (English)

Noriko Shakti
Music producer, Composer, and Tabla player from Japan, based in Goa, India. She had been trained in Western classical music since the tender age. Got baptized by the edgy dance music scene in Tokyo, started her career as a DJ, which resulted in a series of performances, led to the release of her productions in Japan, Europe. During a B.A. degree, wrote a thesis about cultural appropriation in the ambience of dance music and DJing.

Her interest in eclectic music brought her to India. Moved to Kolkata, India for pursuing the musical expression encompassed oriental traditional music context by focusing on the factors, “rhythm” and “bass”. Earned a M.A. in Tabla under the Indian government scholarship scheme. Now pursuing a Ph.D.

She is motivated to create a new sense of value with an understanding of both classical and modern music contexts in the digital age.

In India, has performed concerts, festivals, appeared on TV recordings and been covered by papers and magazines.
Her Tabla performance video on YouTube crossed 1M views. She works and participates in Music, Art projects internationally.

The most recent work is an online contemporary dance show "WITHIN" which is directed by Ashley Lobo from Danceworx. She wrote tracks as a producer/composer, also performed Tabla and Khartal. 

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Noriko Shakti シャクティ紀子
Music producer, Composer, and Tabla player from Japan. Currently based in Goa, India. Got baptized by edgy dance music scene in Tokyo. My interest in eclectic music led me to India, earned a M.A. in Indian Music, Tabla under Indian government scholarship. Now pursuing a Ph.D. I work and participate in Music and Art projects internationally.